About Us


About us

West Bengal Matrimonial Services

ATCwedding Pvt. Ltd. is a web portal whose sole objective is to provide matchmaking service to help people search their soul mates, and by grace of God, we have been successful to achieve countless response, that too, in a very short period of time.

As Zig Ziglar puts it out- "It was character that got us out of bed, commitment that moved us into action and discipline that enabled us to follow through." Our enthusiastic ATCwedding Pvt. Ltd. team proved it right. It’s one thing to have bunch of ideas, but it takes another mindset to take those ideas and implement them successfully to achieve the desired destination. We have already started our journey and have crossed few milestones and well on the way towards our destination.

The objective of ATCwedding Pvt. Ltd. is based on following principles: 1) To enable user get the most user friendly interface, in such a way that he or she can register easily and avail all our services from the very word go. 2) To provide match according to the necessity and choice of the user and the need in turn, is based on behaviour, family as well as socio-economic status of an individual. 3) We also provide some value added matrimonial services which, a user could find inevitable prior to any kind of commitment.

We all have some items on a list to check off to accomplish the targets created by the hunger of our mind. Targets that moves us forward to push the needle one step closer to where we want to be. But many of us get distracted in the midway to compromise the hunger, and put the blame on destiny. Our mission has been to eradicate the word "distraction" and "compromise" from your dictionary while searching your soul mate.

Keeping in mind all the above point’s ATCwedding Pvt. Ltd. is surging ahead with great dedication and responsibility.