10 surprising wedding myths about marriage

Wedding is the celebration of the union of two souls and their respective families. It brings forth happiness, blessings and loads of good fortune. It also brings along rituals that are practiced since time immemorial, many of which are entwined with myths and superstitions. Let us take a glance at ten such wedding myths that might take you by surprise:

  1. Groom’s mother cannot attend the wedding: In many wedding cultures of India the groom’s mother is not allowed to see her son getting married because she might jinx the wedding!
  2. The color of the mehendi: In Indian weddings it is believed the darker the color of the mehendi of the bride, more love she shall receive from her in laws.
  3. Raining on the day of the wedding: Rains on the day of the wedding is a nightmare for the bride and her associates; but age old traditions consider it to be a sign of prosperity and fruitfulness.
  4. The surname of the groom: Western weddings believe that it is bad luck if the first letter of the groom’s surname and the bride’s maiden name is the same. It is also considered bad luck if the bride adopts her future husband’s name before the rituals of marriage.
  5. Crying on the wedding day: The girl leaving behind her home is bound to make the eyes of everybody welled up but it is said that if the bride cries before leaving it brings her prosperity. It is also said that if the bride cries on her wedding day she would shed little or no tear in her married life.
  6. Color of the dress: The most difficult decision the bride has to take after the wedding is fixed is to choose her dress. Some cultures consider white to be ideal for the bridal dress while other traditions call for the color red for the bride.
  7. Spilling of milk: Spilling of milk is considered an ill omen during any auspicious occasion; weddings being no exception.
  8. No seeing before wedding: Misfortune falls on the bride and groom, if they see each other on the wedding day before the rituals.
  9. Kanakanjali: It is a ritual in Bengali weddings in which a handful of rice is thrown by the bride at her mother while facing back towards her family. It is said to have set her free from all the debts she owes to her family.
  10. Ward off the evil: Covering the bride’s face with veil or clinking toast glasses during weddings, all are a way of scaring off the evil spirits that might harm the newlyweds.

Myths or not these rituals definitely add a lot of drama to the pompous wedding events. So, which one of the list surprised you the most?