best online wedding website

3 Myths about Wedding Websites Are Busted Here!

According to the recent survey, a large number of internet users are members of the online matrimonial sites. Despite their popularity, there are some myths floating around, making people skeptical about signing up in those places. Here some of them have been decoded.

best online wedding website

1)They waste your time

For some it is a general misconception that these are casual dating websites where people create profiles for fun. Though it is true to a certain extent that some people take a flippant approach while registering at these sites, it cannot also be denied that a large number of successful marriages are conducted by these wedding hubs online.

2)The profiles are unverified

Matrimonial websites have updated their settings and privacy control options with cutting-edge technology and software in the last 10 years or so. It has enabled users to manage their profile visibility and privacy of details. However, the best wedding site in Kolkata makes an extra effort to verify each profile during registration to eliminate the chances of having fake profile.

3)The customer care team disturbs people with lots of calls

This is a complete misconception that the matrimonial team makes disturbing calls to its users frequently. In reality the team has a very strict privacy policy to ensure comfort and best service to the clients and they will never call you without your permission. It means if you have not asked for additional matrimony services in Kolkata, you will not be called without prior approval.

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