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3 Simple Tips to Create a Likeable Profile on Top Matrimony Website

You would think that having Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat accounts would give you enough experience and ideas to create winning online profiles. But when it comes to the top matrimony website, things are quite different. It matters your whole future forward, so things go much beyond your selfie game and small opinionated posts about “what’s on your mind”.

Meaning, to find the perfect match, you need to be extra careful about what you put out there on the free online matrimony website. After all, it will catch your future partner and in-law’s eyes. To help you get started with, here are 3 simple tips that will make your profile highly likable on top matrimony websites:

1.Non-edited images

Sure those filters on Insta look quite interesting. But they are just good for gaining likes. On marriage websites, you want a clean, clear image. No filters, no photo-shopping, and no editing. Just your original picture. Because remember, this isn’t about impressing someone. It’s about match-making that would last for your lifetime. So, you want to be as honest as possible about your looks. (Believe us, you look beautiful :))

2.Shut down the disturbing background

When clicking pictures, focus on your face and upper body and simply shut down the background. Again, we want the potential partner to look at you and only you. So, make sure you give enough time and thoughts when clicking your image. Look in the lens directly, position the camera right in front (no above the head or your ‘good facial side’). Remember, the Voter ID or Aadhaar photos? Yes, you want something similar—only better and more smiling.

3.Provide all the little details

Except for the intimate details (like your body type and measurement), which might make you feel objectified, provide all the little details on the profile. And by “little details”, we mean, your habits, likings, preferences, tastes and so forth. The more detailed you are, the easier will it be to find you for others. Also, talk about the ambitions, what you’re passionate about and how do you want your future to be. Use the ‘Description’ or ‘About’ space carefully to not only inform but to engage whoever is reading that. Be concrete in telling what kind of partner you’re looking for.

These are 3 simple tips that will make your profile on the premium or free online matrimony website super likable. Good luck!