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A barrier to the empowerment of women: Child Marriage

The Marriage of a girl is a basic freedom intrusion. It impacts not only girls but also women. Alongside their families and networks. 720 million females today correspond to early marriage i.e. before age 18. Youngster marriage denies a young lady of a future wherein she can contact her maximum capacity. Hence, it assists a risky pattern of mistreatment and damage as well.

Here are different aspects which hinder due to early marriage of a girl child.

  1. Education

Marriage drastically restricts a young girl’s entrance to school.

  • Cultural assumptions frequently block a girl.
  • Even a future husband may dislike it. Thus, prevent her from joining in.

After marriage, she may have duties in the home. Including housework, focusing on different family members as well. Or be truly incapable to go to class due to pregnancy. Further, holding them in a pattern of neediness. Therefore, early marriage limits all possibilities that a girl is capable of.

  • Domestic violence

As per the International Council of Research on Women, ladies with low degrees of education. And wedded young people between the ages of 15-19 years of age. They are at a higher danger of aggressive behavior at home. Then more established and more taught women. Universally, young ladies who wed before age 18 are 50 percent bound to confront physical violence. Even sexual brutality from a partner throughout their life. Furthermore, they are bound to portray their first sexual experience as constrained. Inhumanity can have enduring mental effects. Hence, on their psychological well-being as well.

  • Health

Early marriage is a critical well-being risk for girls. Mentally, girls who marry as youngsters are bound to experience the ill effects.

Often suffer from the Post-traumatic stress disorder. And others like malignancy, coronary illness, diabetes, HIV/AIDS diseases, and stroke.

  • Early pregnancy

Universally, complexities from pregnancy and labor are the main source of death among young ladies ages 15-19 years of age. Again, with an expected 70,000 young ladies biting the dust every time of pregnancy and labor-related difficulties.

An infant of a juvenile mother between 15-19 years of age is essentially at more danger of mortality.

  • Financial crisis

Undoubtedly, neediness is a significant power behind kid marriage around the planet. A young girl may marry because her family can’t bear:

  • to pay her school charges,
  • Or for fundamental supplies like clean cushions.

Certainly, youngsters living in hardship are the most helpless against early marriage. And young ladies from the least fortunate families are multiple times bound to wed before age 18 than young ladies from the richest families.

It restricts financial independence for them. However, the more opportunities a young lady has, the more she can expand her profit. Besides, she will reinvest by far most of that income back into her family.


Early marriage of a girl child not only deteriorates her health, mental wellness, education but also of the limitless capabilities she is capable of. Hence, this is a hindrance in the path of attaining empowerment for women. Offer this piece of information on early marriage via web-based media and with others in your interpersonal organizations.