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5 Important Topics to Discuss with Your Partner Before Getting Married

A marriage is between two people coming from different families with diversity in their upbringing, culture, customs, traditions and outlook. However, in this digital age, a free online matrimony sites are creating the perfect platform for people to find suitable life partners for themselves.

Today, both the partners are well educated and independent in their choices and thoughts. Since they have to stay together for life, they must learn about each other’s likes and dislikes, views about life and expectations from the other partner. So before getting married the bride and the groom must discuss about themselves and then decide to accept or reject.

Hobbies and habits

To begin a conversation, you can ask about hobbies and tell yours. Listening music, reading books, gardening, photography it can be anything. Apart from hobbies, discuss about personal habits that you think can be irritating for another person, like snoring, smoking, boozing, etc. There are some habits which you may want to give up but if there is any habit that are addicted to and can’t give up, let your partner know about it.


Today both partners are well educated and want to achieve well in their careers. So talk about your career choices and preferences. While some women want to take a break from their career after their marriage and kids, some never want to give up whatever the circumstances may be. So this point must be raised in your conversation with your partner.


Several times financial issues are the main reason for conflicts among partners and this affect their relationships a lot. So partners should discuss among themselves their ideas on finances, saving policy and spending limit.

Children and other responsibilities

People often do not feel the need to talk about children before marriage. But today when both partners work, it may be possible that either of them do not want to take the responsibility. So it is very important for partners to discuss if both want to have kids in future and how they would like to raise them.


Since two people are coming from entirely different families, their beliefs and values will be different naturally. Some people have very traditional views while some are liberal. So do not hesitate to talk about your personal beliefs and also discuss if you are willing to accept your partner’s views and your partner yours.

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