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Having that Awkward Conversation about Marriage with Parents

Indian parents are, well, Indian parents. They could be quite controlling and obsessing in the name of caring. They take virtually all the important decisions for their kids. And that’s okay; even better, after all, they know and understand more.

However, the problem comes when the majority of them match-make their son or daughter with someone without even considering their needs and preferences. Sure, they know more. But, what you want, how you vision your future, and who you want to spend the rest of your life with—these are exclusive to you, aren’t they? You are your best judge here, aren’t you?

It’s a tricky situation.

But, as they say, tough time requires tougher decisions. And this is one of those times. It’s important that, when it comes to your marriage, you have a well-meaningful conversation with parents to draw a line on the sand.

It matters the remaining of your life. Don’t you think it’s important?

Of course, there’s no question of judging their choices, disrespecting them or ignoring their opinion. Neither are you implied that you rebel. When it comes to your marriage, it’s crucial that everyone gets to have an equal say in the final decision-them, as well as you.

You must consider their say, and they must understand what you want.

Indeed, having such conversations could be slightly awkward if we go along with the Indian culture. But then it’s a necessary evil that you cannot ignore.

If you’ve reached the stage when your parents are looking for a bride or groom for you, sit down with them and have a discussion. For once, be open and convey exactly the kind of life partner you want. Listen to what they are saying. Where required, politely disagree. Just make sure, by the end of the conversation, everyone is on the mutual front, agreed and satisfied with the discussion.

Following, get to the best matrimonial website in India and search for a partner together. These days, Indian matrimony services have made it incredibly easier to find a groom or bride. So, get along with the parents and find yourself a perfect life partner who everyone is happy with-your parents and you.

Sure, this ‘conversation’ – particularly about marriage – isn’t something that Indian sons and daughters are good at. But then you have to try to ensure you have an ideal match.