Check out 5 most goggled wedding questions of 2017

Wedding arrangements can be so intimidating at times! The pressure of making everything perfect might make us doubtful about so many little things and raise dozens of questions in our mind. But with Google on board getting answer to even the dumbest question is just a click away! Here are five most googled wedding questions of 2017:

How much does a wedding cost?

No wonder this question is among the most searched ones in Google. Weddings in India are a huge affair. The customs and traditions associated with it cost a lump sum amount of money. The grandeur of Indian weddings often raises curiosity about its total expenditure. And if you are the one planning for a wedding then having an idea about the cost of the entire affair can be really helpful.

Questions about selecting the photographer

Wedding is an event of a lifetime and everybody wishes to capture the beautiful moments of it. But in modern times, wedding photography is not limited to taking random snaps of the rituals. It has reached the heights of being an art. Candied photography of the bride and the groom along with pre-wedding photography shoots are high on demand. So tips and questions about how to select a wedding photographer are highly searched.

Questions about cost or trends of wedding dresses

Every bride wants to look her best on the BIG day! So it is obvious that she would do a detailed research about the recent trends and prices of wedding dresses. Moreover, the Indian fashion industry is swarming with talented designers. There are the huge ones like Manish Malhotra or Sabyasachi on one hand and many budding or young talents with their own boutiques on the other. And all of them supplying customized wedding dresses. With so many options anybody is bound to get confused, and so questions about the cost or trend of wedding dresses makes to the list of most searched questions.

Destination wedding: Cost and ways to arrange it

You may call it the Bollywood effect, but people are going gaga over the concept of destination wedding. Furthermore, the all-knowing Google is also providing tips on how to organize a destination wedding on a budget. No wonder queries about destination wedding made to the list!

Latest wedding songs

Singing and dancing to the tunes of foot tapping songs is a very important part of weddings. But there are so many albums to choose from. On one hand there are timeless melodies and on the other hand there are so many music albums releasing worldwide every day. Thus, it is much easier to ask Google about the trending wedding songs rather than making an effort to create a playlist.

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