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3 Important Lessons about Marriage from Ancient Egyptians

Though there was no official wedding ceremony in ancient Egypt, the concept of marriage originated from there with the woman leaving her parents’ house upon the approval of both families. It was much later when this kind of union was given a name. But there are a lot of things to learn about wedding from ancient Egyptians, that we can use in our modern times. Let’s find out!

Approval from family members

A marriage remains unfulfilled without the approval and blessing of the elders in the family. In ancient times also, Egyptians needed approval from their families for the wedding whether it is arranged or a love match. In Egypt, it was believed that not only the lineages of two families were joining up with a marriage, but also two rivers were connecting. So, the elders of the families would make sure that their family names were not tarnished by a wrong choice of their daughter or son.

Even today, family name and lineage matter a lot to most parents. So, every online marriage website now allows people to put their preferences while creating profiles. Once your registration is complete, you get notifications of matches based on your preferences only.

Let bygones be bygones

It’s interesting to know that in ancient Egyptian language, there was no word for ‘virgin’. According to scholars, it shows that people did not care whether a person had sexual relationships before marriage. So, it is better to let go of your partner’s past relationships before you two met. And your partner is also expected to do the same for you.

Gender equality

In ancient Egypt, women were considered equal to men and they had important roles in home and outside. To some extent, this could be possible because of two deities who reigned in Egypt and gave equal power to both genders. It was very important for Egyptians to keep their household calm and peaceful, and this equality in society helped them to do so.

Most of the wedding websites India today support gender equality in marital relationship. So, they make sure to find you matches who accept women as equal to men.