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Distinctive Bengali Wedding Traditions in a Diverse Country Like India

Most couples in the world get married following the customs and rituals of their ancestry. But weddings are not celebrated in the same way in every nation and culture. In fact, there is a variation in different regions of the same country due to diverseness in cultures and religions. This is very much prominent in India. So keeping this in mind, many online marriage websites are finding matches suitable for a particular religion or community.


India is a country of diverse religions, cultures and traditions. So one can find different sorts of weddings here along with rituals and customs that vary from one region to region. It is one such country where 20 languages are spoken and people of various religions coincide. With all this diversity, it is not hard to imagine how distinctive Indian weddings can be.

Though India is a land of various religions, Hinduism is the oldest of them all. So there are many rituals in Hindu weddings, before, during and after the ceremony. These rituals are observed for a few days. One such example is in West Bengal. Here all the rituals are done in a very traditional manner. The pre-wedding celebration begins with Ashirvad, in which the parents and other family members of the bride’s family come to the groom’s house to bless him and also give him some gifts. The same is done by the groom’s family to bless the bride for a happy life ahead. On the wedding day, the rituals start from the morning, beginning with Gaaye Halud to both bride and groom at their own parents’ houses. Then in the evening, the groom comes with his family and relatives at the marriage venue and the wedding starts with Maala Badal and Suva Drishti. After the wedding, the couple leaves for the groom’s house the next day. Then the day after that, the groom’s family arranges a reception. This is just an abridged description. Many other rituals take place in Bengali weddings.

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