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3 Things You Should Never Say to Your Partner during a Fight

During marital disputes couples often say things to each other that only increase the distance between them. Here is a list of things that you should avoid while dealing with a fight.

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Stop the blame game

It’s very childish to play the blame game during a fight. Talking about the things that he/she did wrong in the past would only turn the fight ugly. Rather you must try to take charge of the whole situation and sort things out well.

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Don’t say negative things about friends and family

It is often observed in couples that in the heat of the fight and argument they are making negative or unpleasant comments about each other’s family members or friends. This will only create more arguments and add fire to the fight. So it’s best if you avoid involving your relatives and friends in your fight.

Don’t compare your partner with another person

Most couples make this mistake by comparing their life partners with other people. This not only disheartens them but also gives them an idea that you are unhappy with them. So never say things that can hurt your partner’s feelings for you. Instead, you must try making romantic plans with your spouse to solve differences in yourselves. For this you can take the help of Indian matrimony services, offered by reputed wedding websites.