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Are you newly married and haven’t booked your honeymoon trip? Then go to the best wedding site in Kolkata that offers affordable honeymoon packages to stunning places. If you do not have any place in mind, take our pick, Tawang. The town, although endowed with picturesque natural beauty, is a less frequented destination. Have doubts? Read on to why this can be your favorite honeymoon destination.

Nature at its best

Located on the border between Tibet in north and Bhutan in southwest, Tawang is a pictorial small town. The unparalleled beauty of nature here fills your senses with true joy and makes you marvel at its abundance. From misty rivers to breathtaking valleys and spectacular waterfalls, this scenic town has endless attractions to give you a magical experience. So when you are in Tawang do not forget to visit the Sela Pass. From the snow-clad Pass, you will get a stunning view of the whole district. So contact a top matrimony website to book your honeymoon trip to Tawang today!

Cultural and historical values

Besides the scenic beauty of the place, at Tawang you will find much historical architecture. Still unknown to some, the town is enriched in historical and cultural values. Pay a visit to Jaswant Garh. According to history, Jaswant Singh Rawat of the Indian Army fought alone against a Chinese troop that invaded the place during Indo-China war. He fought for three days at an altitude of 10000ft until his last breath to save Tawang and its people from the invaders. Now his post has been named Jaswant Garh in his honor.

Peaceful monasteries

Tawang monastery stands as the largest in India and the second largest in Asia. Placed amid picturesque landscape, the monastery holds a lot of importance for Buddhist followers. It is a great place for Buddhists to learn the true essence of Buddhist values, culture and life. The interesting collection of books and manuscripts with several artifacts, the place is a peaceful haven.