A Brief Look into the Fun-packed Gujarati Wedding Rituals

Best Online Wedding WebsiteGujarati people are full of life and spirit and their weddings are equally extravagant and full of fun and excitement. Here’s a sneak peek into the vibrant rituals of a Gujarati wedding. Read on to know.

Garba session

In Gujarati weddings garba sessions are a must. They are arranged 2-3 days before the day of wedding. This fun filled and exciting ritual holds a lot of importance for the bride and the groom who spend an amazing time dancing to different energetic songs. Some people go for professional matrimony services in Kolkata to make this event memorable. From lively décor to peppy music to non-stop dancing this family event gives only positive vibe and vibrancy.


What some call Haldi ceremony, for Gujjus it is Pithi in which the female members of the family smear turmeric paste on the body of the bride and the groom. The event takes place just the day before the marriage. According to them, turmeric brings wealth and prosperity in the lives of a married couple.

Shagun and gifts exchange

Exchanging gifts in the wedding is a very important ritual for Gujarati people. They believe that gifts are like investments. So they prefer gifting cash for the shagun ceremony.


Dandiya is another entertaining ritual that is organized on the wedding day. Here all friends and relatives participate in the dance with dandiya sticks. Go to the best online wedding website to arrange this fun-packed event at the wedding venue. You can customize the theme and the decoration to give a personal touch to the whole ceremony.